Hey, its Anna! Thank you for taking the time to read this!



I wake up every morning and I ask myself: “What is one thing that I can do TODAY to make myself a better person or impact somebody’s life in some way?” I have been inspired and changed because of so many people/experiences in my life and everyday I want to be better! I started this blog because I want myself and my experiences/life to be an inspiration to others. I want Scrubs and Swimsuits to be a platform for other people to look at and read for more information and/or for inspiration!

A little about myself: I am a nursing student who will soon be transitioning to a brand new nurse and it’s incredibly exciting but it’s also very scary. With that being said, Scrubs and Swimsuits will be used to help discuss my transition from a student to a nurse and my encounters & journeys along the way in this nifty thing called life. After nursing school I plan on taking time for myself to travel different parts of the world and share those experiences, as well.

So, what makes your blog so unique from others? WELL, the truth is, I have no idea. My goal is that someone will get something out of this even if it is just myself and my enjoyment with writing! Follow, read, and enjoy! We all get the pleasure of going through life together, so lets ride it out and make the most of it! Thank you again for investing your time to read and enjoy my blog. 🙂