2018 was a good year, but thank God it’s over. It was a year of self discovery. It was a year of self love & self growth. I let go of toxic people in my life and learned to love myself. I learned how to be okay with being alone. My number one fear one year ago was being alone. And now I’m so okay with being alone that most of the time I actually prefer it. When I say that my mindset has drastically changed, I mean that the things I wanted one year ago, are not the things I could even imagine myself wanting right now. 365 days ago I remember feeling utterly sad and upset at the fact that everyone around me was settling down and having kids except me. The thing I wanted most 1 year ago was to get married and begin starting a family. I was so set on that goal, that I was willing to settle down with the wrong person. I felt, at 19 years old, that I was running out of time. How crazy am I to have thought that at such a young age?! Growing up, I never imagined myself waiting until I was 30 to be married and have kids. NEVER would have thought that. Growing up, my #1 goal was always to get married and have kids….but all before the age of 25!
365 days later and I’ll be damned if I have to get married or have kids right now. I’m simply just not ready. My entire mindset that I had going into 2018 and what I imagined my life to be at 20, 5 years ago, is different now. And let me tell you, I love it.  Over the course of 2018, I learned how to forgive the people I never thought I could ever forgive. Not only did I simply forgive them, but I truly feel in my heart that I want them to be happy and live their best lives. Forgiveness is something I have always struggled with. You screw me over, bye baby. 💋 But my 2019 mood, says, thanks for the lesson, honey. Good luck. 💋

So what do I see myself doing in 2019? 2019 is all about me, babes.

This year I transition to a new career as a nurse. Yes, it’s exciting because I’ve worked damn hard for it, but it’s scary too. A career change is going to take some adjusting. I don’t just want to be a mediocre nurse. I want to be a damn good nurse. I get the pleasure of taking care of people for a living. Not a lot of people get to say that. I get to take care of my neighbors, people I go to church with, my friends neighbors, the people that make up my community. That’s a blessing, ya’ll! I really don’t have any expectations for 2019. I’m going to live my life the best way that I know how. My heart leads the way. I want to embrace what my soul desires. I want to step out of my comfort zone and experience new things. I don’t want anything to hold me back out of fear or because of what others might think. I don’t want to sit in a nursing home 45 years from now saying “I wish this” or “I wish I did that.” I get one chance and I’m going to take full advantage of what this world has to offer. I’m going to achieve everything I strive for. 2019 is about Anna, babes. Ya’ll watch out! Mood all 2019

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