10 People You Should Follow On Instagram

Day 23 of the #NurseBlogger challenge!

I use Instagram all day, everyday. It’s my favorite social media app. There are so many beautiful, inspirational people to check out on Instagram. Many people make a living off of personal branding on social media. It’s amazing what social media can do for a person. I want to share with you some people that you should check out!

1. Alexis Nicole BSN, RN

This girl and I have a similar story, which I think is kind of funny because the ER converted us lol. She also wanted to be a NICU nurse before she saw and started working in the ER, in which she loved. She is a current ER nurse. She has a YouTube Channel called “The Nurses Nook” that I encourage all nursing students and nurses to check out! I look up to her because she has built such a following on Instagram, which is something I would like to see happen in my upcoming future as well. Check her page out!

2. Ariel Lynn

One of the many fitness models/pages that I follow. I love fitness pages and looking at different women along with how they workout. I am a workout buff who is always down for new ideas and new recipes. She is gorgeous and she is freaking swole. Literally… #goals

3. Georgina Villarreal

This girl is also a nurse with a larger following on her Instagram which is something I look up too. What I like most about her content is that it is basically a behind the scenes to her life, outside of her job as a nurse. As nurses, we do have lives outside of that. We don’t just “eat, sleep and breath” nursing. So, it’s cool to see an insider into her real life, outside of her job. She also has a blog that you could check out if interested! New posts on the 13th of every month!

3. The Blonde Abroad

I love looking at this girl’s Instagram because she is literally always somewhere different and her pictures are gorgeous. I don’t know how people make a career out of traveling and showing their lives off on social media, but she does and I am jealous. She also has a website that consists of her blog and each place she has went to around the world. Her entire page and website is a good resource for those who want to travel (such as I), so I encourage you all to check it out!

4. Kathryn Nash

Literally her bio says:

I help women build dream bodies while eating foods they love.

This girl is a fitness queen. I follow a lot of fitness accounts on Instagram because I love getting new ideas and seeing how people live their lives while they are rocking a smokin’ hot, fit body. This girl is also an inspiration because she went through spinal surgery for her scoliosis and yet she still works out and does what she loves. She had to get titanium rods put in her back, severing almost every single one of her back muscles. She taught herself how to exercise properly and now she makes a living out of it and encourages others to do the same! Pretty inspirational!

5. Paige Hathaway

She is a well known, very famous fitness model (yes, another fitness page to check out). I used to watch her Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube videos religiously, literally not even kidding. I loved watching her content. Her Snapchat videos were hilarious, for the most part. She posted a lot about her personal life and her dog, who is so ugly that it’s cute lol. She has a YouTube channel filled with good workout content. Her Instagram is mostly just pictures of her flexing, showing off her amazing body. But, her YouTube is a good resource for those who also want workout ideas.

6. Maja Malner

This is another travel Instagram to check out. She has over 400,000 followers as she goes on her travel journey and posts about them on Instagram. Another account that somehow makes a living off traveling and blogging (I WISH). She has a travel blog that is also available to check out. Her content is just good to look at because she is always in a different place!

7. Angela Giakas

This girl is from Australia originally. Her page is a style & travel page. I like looking at style Instagram’s and admiring what a great sense of style some people have, because I definitely do not. You can actually “shop her Instagram,” so basically buy her style if that interests you. I’m sure that is how she makes her living, with her 430k followers! Check it out!

8. Amy Landino

I follow her and love her content so much on Instagram. I know the story behind how she got so much of a following and it was all due to personal branding. I read her story in the book called Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence- and How You Can, Too. I suggest everyone read this book if you plan on trying to start your own business or even want to use your personal brand (blogging, social media) to build an influence. You can buy/check out the book here. As a result of her personal brand she know has a blog, is a professional speaker, and she hosts AmyTV!

9. Boss Babe

Because why wouldn’t you want to follow an account literally named “Boss Babe?!” I always want to feel like a #bossbabe.

And of course, I am going to ask you all to check out my Instagram!

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