5 Years From Now

Day 15 of the #NurseBlogger challenge!

If you had asked me just 8 months ago where I wanted to be in 5 years I would have told you I want to be married to my soul-mate with 1 little munchkin running around the house, keeping me up at night. I was in love with the idea of settling down young and building a family. I thought that I invested myself so deeply in school and my career goals so that, financially, I would be okay to get married and start a family. Over the course of the last 8 months I have fallen so in love with myself and this beautiful life I was given. My mind has completely changed. I changed directions. The path I wanted to take 8 months ago is not the same path I want to take now. Who truly knows what God’s plans are? Maybe I will be married with one kid on the way by the time I am 25. Maybe I won’t. I seriously don’t know, and I am totally okay with that. I have accepted that my mind has changed and I no longer want the things I wanted 8 months ago.

I actually had to take a step back and humble myself a little bit. I thought I got to decide what I get to do with my life. Nope. My plan is not the same as God’s plan. I have accepted that what I wanted to happen, won’t happen and I’m embracing the journey as it comes along. Right now I am in love with myself, I am married to my career, and I am determined to create the most amazing memories during my young adult life. 

So where do I see my life 5 years from now in this moment? 

In 5 years I will be 25 (or close enough too it). I made a post about 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. You can read that blog post here. It was actually my first ever blog post! So by 25 where do I see myself? At 25, I imagine myself to be done with school (at least my bachelor’s degree). Over the last couple months I have not only fallen in love with myself and my life, but also with my career. I am determined to thrive in my career. I want to take my career with me and travel all across the country, and experience so many different things before I settle down.  Me, myself, and my career will take our happy asses wherever we dang well please. In 5 years I don’t want to be settled down with anyone, anywhere. 

I want to be selfish.

I just know that I am not ready for any of that that right now. I know that when my time comes I am going to be an amazing wife and an amazing mother. But, right now, I am going to enjoy my single, free, young adult life. I am going to finish school, thrive in my career, travel to all the places I want to see. I am going to continue to grow as an individual, fall in love with myself and this life. I am going to be selfish. I’m super pumped for this journey, ya’ll. Thank you so much for reading! Follow me on Instagram. 🙂