Ways to Practice Self Care

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As much as we wish it was smooth sailing and sunshine all the days of our life, the truth is…life is hard work.

How do you make it through the hard days? Self. Care. That’s how.

Take care of yourself first! You should be your #1 priority. Self care is incredibly important. It rejuvenates you and your mind.

Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.  –Pema Chödron


  • Exercise. Not everyone has the time nor the motivation to work out. Not everyone has the money for a gym membership, and just can’t workout at home. When I say exercise, I just mean get moving, somehow. Take a walk. Stretch. Go to the gym. Run. Go swimming. Do squats while you are waiting for your bread to finish toasting. Do jumping jacks for the 30 seconds that the microwave is running. Do something to get your blood pumping. Exercise is so good for the heart, but I think it’s even better for you mentally. It literally starts your day in a positive way, providing you motivation to do whatever it is you need to do. 
  • Clean your room. I guess this would be considered something physical. Clean the space around you. Even reorganize it if you want too. Change up the scenery. I feel so much less stressed out when my house is clean. 
  • Take a hot shower or a hot bath. Turn on that water, and literally let it melt your stress away. Let the steam clear your head. Close your eyes, let the water run down you, and forget about everything.


  • Read. love reading. I could sit out on my porch all day and just read a good book. It’s so relaxing. It’s like a mental break. All you have to do is sit there and read a book. Nothing more. 

  • Write. Some people like to write in a journal. I used to keep things super bottled up and mentally stress myself out. I live in my head most days. My brain is my worst enemy. Many people have told me that I should start writing out my thoughts. It’s like verbalizing them, but to no one. Instead of keeping things bottled up and letting your brain take over, write down your feelings on paper so it’s out in the open. It helps. I promise. That’s why I started blogging. It was an outlet for me. I feel good when I blog. It spits out my thoughts so they are out in the open instead of bottled up inside, killing me. Many times I don’t post them, but they are somewhere. 
  • Meditate. O.K, here me out! I’m still not so sure about this one. BUT, I was introduced to meditating from someone, and wow. I’ve read it in books and on blogs and on social media that meditating is relaxing and does amazing things for you mentally. I never tried it and I honestly always thought “OMG sounds super boringgggg and stupid…” I actually tried it though, not willingly, but it was incredibly relaxing. I literally felt like it numbed my brain and my body. I was so freaking relaxed. I suggest trying it at least once! 
  • Music. Listening to music can be super relaxing, enjoyable, motivating, and stress-relieving. I don’t know what I would do without music. 


  • Pray. Whatever it is you believe in, pray. When I feel super anxious and mad, I literally pray about it. It is pretty much verbalizing that I know I feel anxious, mad, sad, whatever, and that I don’t want to feel that way so please help me to change my head and my heart to positive thinking. It’s a call for guidance when I am in distress. 
  • Bible study. Read the bible. Read a religious book. Read something that is good for your soul, your well-being and your faith. 

Highly recommend reading this book!


  • Watch a movie. Cuddle up in your most favorite pajamas, your favorite blanket, and watch a movie. 
  • Turn off your phone. That could easily be the best thing for anyone. Turn it off for an hour. No phone calls, no texts, no social media. Take time to yourself and ignore other distractions that could be causing you stress.

Make yourself a priority. It’s not about the circumstances in our life, but how well we handle them. We have to make it a priority to take care of ourselves so that we can manage the stressful circumstances in our lives. Despite the business of our schedules, making time for ourselves will do us you wonders! 

What are some things you guys like to do for self care?

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