Lunch Break

Day 10 of the #NurseBlogger challenge!

What do I eat on my lunch break? 

Lunch is my most favorite time of the day at work. At that point, it usually means we made it half-way through the day. At that point it means I get to take a break from the craziness of working in the ER. Some days I go into work expecting and excited for lunch, only to find out that it’s so damn busy that in my 12+ hours on the clock, I won’t be receiving a lunch break and have to make time to shove food down my throat in the 5 minutes I have between taking care of patients. Most days, I pack a lunch box full of snacks that get me through the day if I don’t have time for an actual lunch break, so I am, in the very least, prepared for such a tragedy (LOL forreal it sucks not having a lunch break). I rarely ever pack an actual lunch like chicken or a salad, like most people, because, I don’t cook, rarely ever, unless I went grocery shopping recently. Literally, I don’t even know how I survive most days because I eat like a rabbit all day long.

So, what do I do? 

At work, I am known as the girl that leaves work to cater to everyone else’s lunch needs (which I absolutely don’t mind BTW). Usually we figure out what we want to order for lunch around the area (which is just about everything), everyone places their order and I am the one to go pick it up. I don’t mind leaving work to go pick up lunch because it makes me feel like I am taking full advantage of my break. I like leaving work to get some fresh air, sunshine, and take a nice little drive in my car, listening to music on the way. It’s pretty relaxing, actually. I get back to work and feel better because I actually got to leave and regain some of my sanity before having to deal with all the craziness again.

So, I don’t have some special diet or healthy lunch that I always pack to work to help me survive my day. I don’t have a special secret on what to eat throughout the day so that you can survive and stay healthy. Actually, I’m probably one of the least healthy people I know! If everyone wants to order lunch, then I order lunch and pick it up. If no one orders lunch, I either eat all the snacks that I packed, or leave and get lunch for myself. I’m not exactly the healthiest person, with the best eating habits, but I’m freaking happy so who cares?! 

Look how good this Greek salad looks😍

But if anyone likes being outside, I highly encourage you taking advantage of the whopping 30 minutes you get for lunch (which is literally nothing when you work 12 hours). We even eat lunch outside in school! Every person keeps a towel or blanket in their car and we walk to the lake near our college and embrace the beautiful Florida weather on our lunch break before we go back to the stuffiness of a lecture hall learning about all things nursing. 

What does having a break actually do?

Well, besides the obvious of regaining some sanity and filling our empty bellies with food, having a break actually:

Increases productivity 

Reduces stress (YESPLEASE.)

Improves critical thinking

All of which we need when working, no matter what career you are in. Use your break wisely! Time is a nonrenewable source. A lunch break is better than no break at all. So, if someone is there to cover your lunch break at 11 am when you aren’t even hungry, or ready for a break, take it anyways, because a break is better than no break. 

Things that you can do on your real break: 

  1. Eat lunch. And freaking enjoy it! 
  2. Power nap! Napping relieves stress and gives you a fresh start. It’s amazing what a 30 minute power nap can do for you! *I personally never do this because I would be the one to oversleep and get a phone call wondering what the hell I’m doing and why I ran away from my job! (not to mention my car is too small) 
  3. Talk to someone that makes you happy. It’s scientifically proven that if you talk to someone you love on your break you will work much happier and be more productive!
  4. Go somewhere you won’t be disturbed. If I’m on my only break that I have, I don’t want to be anywhere that I might get annoyed or feel un-relaxed. 

Take a real break if you get the chance. Taking 60 seconds to chow down at your desk, is not a real break! What does everyone else do on their work breaks?! 

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