25 Things I Want to do Before 25

I will be turning 20 this year! They say your twenties are supposed to be the best and challenging years of your life and I’m so ready for it! Included in this list are things that will make me a better person and challenge me in new ways. I am ready to see new places, do new things, and watch my career and myself grow. Hopefully by writing down and sharing my goals it will help me to accomplish them. So, here are some of my personal goals for the next 6 years.


1. Take a solo trip. 

It has always been a dream of mine to take a solo trip somewhere. As scary as it might sound, I think it would be exhilarating and beneficial for growing as an independent women. Traveling in general can be challenging, but I think it is an important part of personal growth. Plenty of people do it, right?!

20180610_1943257071790190138611123.jpgWhere should I go first?!

2. Volunteer in a third world country.

Helping people is in my blood. It’s something I want to do everyday for the rest of my life. I think by going across the world to volunteer in a county that is not my own would be extremely eye-opening and help me realize how lucky I truly am as opposed to what other people endure everyday. I would love to do something medically, as that is my profession, but helping people in some way, somewhere, would be rewarding in so many ways for both me and the families.

3. Complete my Masters program or at least be enrolled in it.

I am currently about to go into my *LAST* semester of nursing school. So, I’M GRADUATING IN LESS THAN A YEAR. #craziness. Time flies when you’re having fun…or struggling not to drown in this case. Nursing school is very hard, y’all….but it’s so incredibly rewarding and no matter how hard it is I encourage everyone to go for it if it’s in your heart as a dream job. So with that being said, I’d love to be enrolled in my Masters program, or have it completed by 25 so that I can eventually be a nurse educator and/or nurse practitioner!

4. Buy a house?

Is that a crazy goal at 25 years old?? I guess we will find out!

5. Quit caring so dang much about what people think of me!

Haters gunna hate, y’all! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, people are going to judge you and they are going to talk about you behind your back. I struggle with caring about what people think just as much as the next person. But my goal is to put 1 finger in the air (you can guess which one) and live my life the way that makes ME happy regardless of what people think!

6. Establish some sort of consistent workout schedule.

My health is very important to me and it always has been. It’s SO easy to make up excuses about working out. Honestly, I should be at the gym right now instead of typing this! Stop making excuses and just do it. (Nike just needs to hire me already). My goal is to establish some sort of consistent workout schedule because I want to be the best, healthy version of myself and making excuses isn’t going to get me there!

7. Learn how to cook, and cook more often!

I moved out almost a year ago and I can count using 2 hands how many meals I’ve actually cooked. Just learn how to cook! It can be fun, relaxing, and it’s a delicious habit to get into! Not to mention, who doesn’t love a girl who can cook? 😉

8. Travel somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go!

This is different from traveling solo. This trip will be with whoever, to somewhere that I’ve always dreamed of going. Save up the money, buy that plane ticket, and just go. It’s the memories that make up great stories, not all the time you spent at work.

9. Spend more time with my family.

There is no better love than the love your family has for you. It’s important to spend time with the people you love as often as you can because one day they won’t be there anymore and it’s going to hurt like hell. Cherish every second. As I get older, I realize more often how much I love being around my family more than anyone else. My siblings are growing up, moving out and getting married. My parents are getting older and more sick everyday. It’s my job to go out of my way to visit them, trust me, you won’t regret it.

10. Put money aside weekly towards my retirement fund.

Definitely can’t regret that! I want to actually get something out of my work. Start up that 401k or that IRA as soon as you start working. Don’t wait. The earlier you start it, the earlier you can retire because the more money you will have saved up!

11. Find a hobby.

Find a hobby that makes being alone feel not-so lonely. Find a hobby that is empowering and is something you look forward to everyday. It’s always good to have 3 hobbies: 1 to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. Find a hobby that you love!


Choose YOU boo-boo! Let go of the assumption that you have to live in order to make everyone else happy! Let go of the expectations of everyone else. Live in order to make YOURSELF happy. Live to be the best version of yourself. If you don’t like something or someone, say no and let them go. Choose yourself and do things to make yourself happy. Fall in love with who you are.

13. Read more books.

It’s good for the soul.

14. Clean up after myself!

You spent money on the things that you own and the house/car that you live in. Keep it clean. Life will seem so much less stressful when you keep things clean and come home to a clean house instead of leaving things all over the place. Wash the dishes once you use them, fold your laundry as soon as it’s clean, take the trash out if its full. It actually can be as simple as it sounds.

15. Pray more often…like a lot more.

Psalm 55: 17: “Evening and morning and at noon. I will pray, and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice.”

Prayer can change you people, DO IT! Do it everyday. Do it when your happy, do it when your sad, do it when your mad, do it when you are thankful, do it every single day, all day long. The way the Lord can work in your life is mind-blowing.

16. Vote.

Simple, yes, but something that we fought for the freedom to do, so take advantage of it and vote! Vote for the best interest of your country. WE have a say in how this country is run.

17. Buy my first drink!

This is on everyone’s 21-year-old self’s bucket list. I haven’t actually got to buy my first *legal* drink yet. (those bars that never ID underage drinkers don’t count)!

18. Go on a trip with my dad.

Something we both have talked about doing together. My dad is sick and nothing would be more memorable to me than spending time with him somewhere we have never been experiencing the happiness of getting away from all the crap and health problems he has had to deal with over the past 10 years. That’s too freaking long people and if anyone deserves it, it is my dad. He deserves more than 1 getaway trip but if its something I can do to make him happy, I would spend all I had to take the crap he’s had to deal with away from him.

19. Volunteer.

Get involved in an organization or some where that you can volunteer your time to people, places, things, anything you want. Doing things without expecting anything in return is rewarding and the organization will forever thank you for dedicating your time.

20. Grow in my career.

Be the best nurse possible! Save people’s lives. Be an advocate. Learn how to be the best nurse I can be. Get a raise. Be an educator for those around me.

21. Get more involved in my church.

Take Sundays off and go to church. Volunteer in ministry. Make Christian friendships. Grow in your faith every single day. Tithe. Be a motivator for those around you to do the same.

22. Learn how to put on a spare tire.

This is not just a mans job! And if anyone knows me, I have HORRIBLE luck with tires…like really bad. I’ve had my car a total of 18 months and I have needed probably 8 new tires already. I swear I’m not a bad driver, I seriously just have terrible luck. So, with that being said, I just need to learn how to change my own tire. Plus, whats more attractive than a bad-ass female changing her own tire? 😉

23. Go skydiving!

My sister talked me into this one! 21st birthday idea? At least if we die, we die together!

24. Run a 5k!

Running is one of my least favorite exercises to do. But, its good for the heart and I’ve always wanted to motivate myself to do one. Running buddy, anyone?

25. Buy a nice camera and take more pictures. 

I don’t want to live my life behind a lens. BUT, I do want to be the person that takes candid pictures of precious moments and people. My parents have an entire box full of photos of mine and my siblings childhood growing up. I want my own kids to have a box of pictures to go through when they are older and smile at all the cute memories I got to photograph. Memories are way more important than the pictures, but pictures are also a good way of remembering such beautiful memories and capture life’s precious moments that we wish to relive.

Enjoy the best time of your life in your twenties and embrace all that life has to offer you. Just be you and see where life takes you for the rest of the journey. I’m really excited to see where life takes me and all the encounters I get to experience in order to discover who I really am, where I want to be, and what I want to do with the rest of my life. Let me hear some of the things on YOUR bucket list. I want to hear about everyone’s passions and goals and all the things that make you happy in life. You only live once, so might as well make the most of it!

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